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The question during buying reusable shopping bag

1. How is the reusable bag worked out?

Preparing the material – cutting the material – get the logo onto the fabric panel – sewing the reusable bags – inspecting the finished goods – packing the goods and well-stored till the delivery

2. How to guarantee the 100% qualified products delivered?
We have a very strict and complete inspection system, which is running through the whole process from preparing the material until packing the finished goods. All the material and accessories are checked; every production line owns the inspector specialized for checking the half-finished goods every minute; all the finished goods are inspected 100% before packing.

3. How to ensure the delivery time?
For a very good relationship with the material’s suppliers, we are always receiving their strong supports on the very urgent projects, and shorting the time a lot on preparing the material. We have 200000KG stock material every day, which shortens the time in the material purchasing period.

4. How to find a reliable shopping bag supplier in china?
Probably many people would have a bad experience during working with some china manufacturers or exporters, some is total fraud, and some is not professional in their own work. The easiest way is to talk with them on the phone, asking some professional questions about the nonwoven bag. Or check on the internet, if they got a lot of bad comments from others. Asking them to show you their documents to prove they are legally registered in government. (Then you need a Chinese friend to identify it because nearly all documents are in Chinese). There are some websites selling data of B/L, on which you can find if this exporter has a real B/L history. Such as www . import genius. com or another similar web. To make further inspecting, you can call the consignee on the B/L, to get some comments about this exporter.

5. How to make sure the bag is durable and good quality?
We have over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, nearly every problem regarding the reusable bag we had already experienced. We will apply the best way in each production process. Such as The pp woven bag suppose to stand more strength so we put extra reinforcement on the top of the piping (turn it back and sewed over). For nonwoven bag, we use 100% virgin pp material to make sure the fabric is durable, to prevent any potential problem such as tearing and puncturing. For the RPET bag, we will make sure the fabric weave's direction to prevent less loading capability. For cooler bags and nylon bags, we have some experienced workers specialize in making that, ensure the best quality for high-level products.

6. Some tips for testing the bag’s quality

Sewing & durability: Put something heavy into the bag, jump several times, and hang it for 1 hour. Check the thread between handles and bags. It’s also important to check the piping strength: Put your hands into the bag, suddenly push on two sides for several times, check if piping is broken. Last: check if the sewing on the corner is good.
Material: Feel the fabric with your hands. Good material feels smooth & soft. Put your nose into the bag, check if there is the smell. The good fabric has no or less smell. If you have changed, tear the fabric to check the anti-tear ability. If the bag is a laminated shopping bag, rub the fabric heavily, then check if the pp film falls apart from the base material.
The printing: Nobody wants their logo to be printed on a shopping bag in the wrong color. Before you place an order, if you have a Pantone book, tell the supplier the pantone#. If you haven’t, you can send your design (printed on paper) to the supplier.

7. How to do the shopping bag factory management
To be a shopping bag factory, there are many works to do every day. Started from an order confirmed, we should purchase material, and make sure the material is the same quality as the confirmed sample, the quantity of material should be a little percentage more because of the wastage during production. If not, when you finally realize it, it will be a problem for leading time and quality consistency. It’s hard to buy non woven fabric, cotton fabric, or polyester fabric in small quantity with customized color or thickness. Then make sure the cutting doesn’t get a problem. An experienced cutting manager is important to help us saving time and wastage. Of cause, there are digital cutting machines which can calculate by computer but that will bring production costs higher a lot. Regarding the printing, different materials should work with different levels of ink, also should considering the fabric’s color. No illustration can be found unless you have many years of experience in mind. The management of printing can prevent big percentage quality problems: finding the problem when it happens at the beginning. And also don’t let the unqualified printing piece get into the next production step.

8. How could I get my product package looks nice and suitable

That depends on your products. As well as what you concern about. As well as the product's weight, luxurious or not, color design, shape, and so on. Depends on those details, Zhihongda can offer several options for your choice. Zhihongda has more than 10 years of experience, having thousands of customers from all over the world. Having many different styles of innovated design for the tote bag, drawstring bag, shoulder bag, and cooler bag. With our suggestion, your decision will be easier to make.




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