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Non woven storage box solves the problem of classified storage of 80% household items

Non woven storage box solves the problem of classified storage of 80% household items

In recent years, due to the excessive expansion of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, e-commerce has also developed rapidly. Online shopping has become a new choice for new and old people, which not only saves the time of shopping, but also is economical. Online shopping is just a common practice. After shopping for a long time, the storage of goods has become a problem, especially in small space. The non-woven storage box that emerged in the past two years can easily solve the problem of storage. With the help of this small storage box, your room can become orderly.

1、 Underwear and underwear non-woven storage box
Underwear and underpants are the closest thing to the body besides sanitary napkins. In order to prevent the underwear from being infected by bacteria, the cleaned underwear can be put into the non-woven storage box, so as to protect the underwear from secondary "pollution".
Because of the non-woven materials, there are rich colors, such as red and black-and-white non-woven fabrics that women like. The non-woven storage box has a built-in small lattice, which is suitable for storing underwear. You can also choose the non-woven storage box without cover or with cover according to your living habits and hobbies.
2、 Scarf, hat non-woven storage bag
In winter, scarves and hats are also one of the items that women use more. On the surface, although they are small, they are not easy to store. With a smart non-woven storage bag, there is no place to store scarves and hats.
3、 Non woven fabric storage box for shoes
No matter bags or shoes, they are all indispensable items in life for women. They are not only a pair of shoes and a bag, but also a lot of shoes and a lot of bags. There are many of these things, and storage has become a serious problem. The shoe rack will only put some shoes for this season, but not for this season. How to store them.
I don't know how to store heavy shoes, but some light shoes can be stored in non-woven storage boxes. These storage boxes are a little different from the ones mentioned above. Their covers are generally transparent and easy to use. Tianying professional production



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