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Nonwoven bag, canvas bag, Oxford bag, how do I choose?

Nonwoven bag, canvas bag, Oxford bag, how do I choose?

Chengdu zhihongda non woven bag Co., Ltd. provides one-stop non-woven bag customization services, including quotation, design, plate making, production, delivery and other services. non woven bags can be customized according to the requirements of customers. Over the years, we have produced different environmental protection bags for major companies and brands. At first, non-woven bags were the main products. In recent years, more environmental protection materials have been used to gradually produce environmental protection bags for canvas, nylon, etc.

Nonwoven bag, canvas bag and environmental protection bag can be customized in style, cloth, quantity and printing, which is more unique and creates the cloth environmental protection bag of its own brand.

There are many kinds of environmental protection bags: non woven bag, canvas bag, cotton bag, nylon bag, Oxford bag, ice bag, heat preservation bag, post bag, schoolbag, non-woven bag and so on.

Zhihongda's environmental protection bags are not only of high quality, but also of affordable price and various styles. You can also customize the styles, fabrics and printing. They are very flexible in production and are your professional choice.

Considering the budget, we will suggest: non-woven fabric > > Oxford / nylon fabric > > cotton fabric
In consideration of durability, we will suggest: Cotton > > Oxford / nylon > > nonwoven
If the purpose of customization is to publicize activities, participate in world trade exhibitions and send them to the world, we will suggest that it is more cost-effective not to weave
If the purpose of the order is to sell the goods, increase the price, give as a gift, or present as a gift, we will recommend cotton or Oxford / nylon cloth
But no matter what material you choose, there are many colors for each material

PS: nonwoven fabric bag is a kind of cloth (spunbond nonwoven fabric) produced by high pressure forming or bonding. The indoor decomposition period is about 5 years, which is easy to decompose. It is very in line with the awareness of environmental protection in the world. Scientific name: P.P. nonwovens and filling technology.



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