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Four advantages of non-woven environmental protection bag

Four advantages of non-woven environmental protection bag

Non woven environmental protection bag is a kind of green product, which is durable, beautiful, breathable, reusable, washable, silk screen advertising, long service life, suitable for any company or any industry as advertising and gift.

1、 Non woven shopping bag has more economic effect
Starting from the release of the plastic restriction order, plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging market of goods and be replaced by non-woven shopping bags that can be reused. Non-woven bags are easier to print patterns and express colors more clearly than plastic bags. In addition, they can be reused, so we can consider adding more exquisite patterns and advertisements to non-woven shopping bags, because they can It can be used repeatedly, and the loss rate is lower than that of plastic bags, which results in more cost saving and more obvious advertising benefits.
2、 Non woven shopping bags are more solid
The traditional plastic bag shopping bag, in order to save cost, is thin and easy to be damaged, but if it is to make it stronger, it must cost more. The appearance of the non-woven shopping bag solves all the problems. The non-woven shopping bag has strong toughness and is not easy to wear. There are also many film covered non-woven shopping bags, which are more waterproof, feel good, and shape Beautiful advantages. Although the cost of a single plastic bag is a little more expensive, but a non-woven shopping bag can have a service life of hundreds, even thousands of plastic bags.
3、 Non woven shopping bags have more advertising effect
A beautiful non-woven shopping bag is more than just a packaging bag of goods. Its exquisite appearance is even more unforgettable. It can be turned into a fashionable and simple shoulder bag and become a beautiful landscape on the street. With its strong, waterproof and non sticky characteristics, it will become the first choice for customers to go out. On such a non-woven shopping bag, it can be printed The advertising effect of your company's logo or advertisement is self-evident. It really turns small investment into big return.
4、 Non woven shopping bag has more environmental protection and public welfare value

The issuance of plastic restriction order is to solve the problem of environmental protection. The repeated use of non-woven shopping bags has greatly reduced the pressure of garbage conversion. With the concept of environmental protection, it can better reflect the corporate image and the effect of being close to the people, and the potential value brought by it can not be replaced by money.

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