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Application of heat preservation bag

What is a cold insulation bag?

------Heat preservation bag can be used in outdoor picnic or daily life. It is used to hold all kinds of food and keep food temperature and freshness!
The weather is always magical. Nature has natural specifications. Some things like warm and others like cold. Many people have more and more needs for heat preservation bags. And with the improvement of people's living standards, some industries are also increasing significantly for cold preservation and preservation. The traditional ice bags used before can no longer meet people's needs. Next, we will talk about the application and advantages of thermal insulation bag with Guangzhou Tianying thermal insulation bag manufacturer.
There are two kinds of heat preservation bags, one is for personal use and family use, that is, people usually use lunch bags and heat preservation bags for field outing and car travel; the other is used in industries and service industries, such as fresh milk companies, red wine companies and medical institutions.
Industrial heat preservation bags can be divided into three layers according to the structure. From the outside to the inside, they are Oxford cloth with strong tension, super dense heat preservation cotton and aluminum foil bonded non-woven fabric. At the bottom, there is a high-density Extrusion board, which has good heat preservation and compression resistance performance, and enhances the bearing capacity and heat preservation effect of the whole heat preservation bag.
Advantages of heat preservation bag
(1) Environmental protection, compared with disposable plastic bags, heat preservation bags can be used repeatedly;
(2) Portable, the traditional iron insulation box is heavy and bulky, and the modern insulation bag is very light; (3) the insulation effect is good, and the insulation bag is also called "mobile refrigerator", which is warm in winter and cool in summer, and can keep cold and fresh for several hours, so it is very convenient to use in life;
(4) The price is low, the materials it uses
Are very common materials on the market, low price, more importantly can be repeatedly used, so cost-effective.
The cold bag, heat bag and lunch bag products produced by Tianying include Oxford cloth outer layer or non-woven cloth outer layer + pearl cotton + aluminum foil film paper reflection + EVA, etc
Layer protection in a body insulation bag manufacturer, can according to your needs to create your own customized insulation bag, if you need to call our hotline.



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