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Non woven bag is more practical than cloth bag

non woven bag is more practical than cloth bag

non woven bags are widely used, and plastic bags are gradually reduced in our lives. We all know that non-woven bags are used only when they are environmentally friendly, and ordinary cloth bags are also environmentally friendly. Why are non-woven bags widely used? What is the difference between non-woven bags and ordinary cloth bags?

The manufacturing process of non-woven bag is short and basically does not produce waste water and waste gas. In terms of manufacturing process, the non-woven bag adopts a plastic spraying process, which makes it much stronger than the plastic bag; The polyester component in the non-woven fabric makes the non-woven bag breathable and washable, without water absorption and mildew. The raw material of non-woven fabric is polypropylene. The water and carbon dioxide decomposed by polypropylene heating and burning will not cause harm to human body, and can be recycled; For non-woven cloth bags, we often use screen printing, watermark, intaglio printing and heat transfer printing to print various types of beautiful patterns.



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